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Atsushi Kakumoto / d’UOMO ex machina

A Tokyo-based theatre director, Kakumoto Atsushi represents the theatre company d’UOMO ex machina, since it was established in 2006. The company d’UOMO ex machina did shows in various places, not only in black box theatre like the Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre but also in places originally not designed for theatre such as a small bar in Tokyo, an old big warehouse in the port of Yokohama and a traditional rural village house in northern Japan. Connecting a deep research towards the classical literature and a rigid training of physical movements, Kakumoto creates an original style of dance-theatre. He is also actively involved in theatre education in Japan as well as in Portugal, India and Sri Lanka.

In this occasion, Kakumoto will talk about why and how he established his style of theatre. This has somewhat started as a struggle as a student of the Faculty of Law at the University of Tokyo, which is one of the major research centers of European society and a ground designer of modern Japanese government institutions since 19th century. A struggle against a society without any higher education about theatre and also without a well organized public theatre. So, even if the talk appears to be personal, it describes the present situation and a brief history of theatre in modern Japan.

17 fevereiro 2017

Aula Magna

I2ADS + Sintoma



Feira do Livro

Apareçam e descubram leituras para as férias!

22 a 28 junho 2017

Livraria i2ADS

Sessão Solene

Sessão Solene de abertura do ano lectivo.

22 setembro 2017 · 15:30

Aula Magna

desfazendo / undoing it

A actividade de desfazer a exposição do it, decorre do dia 17 a 22 de Junho. Consultar o programa.

19 a 22 junho 2017

Pavilhão de Exposições

undo it party

Festa de encerramento da exposição do it, de Hans Ulrich Obrist.

22 junho 2017 · 17:30

Pavilhão de Exposições

Sessão Pública de Informação

Sessão Pública de Informação sobre os cursos de Doutoramento, Mestrado e de Especialização

29 junho 2017

Aula Magna

Ricardo Ladeira

Aula Aberta com o Ilustrador

15 dezembro 2017 · 11:00

Sala 13B
Pav. Sul

Narrativa Visual

Masterclass de Pieter Friedman

6 outubro 2017 · 11:30

Aula Magna

Helena Barranha / Arte Digital e Museus

Conferência no âmbito do #16.ART Encontro Internacional de Arte e Tecnologia / International Meeting on Art and Technology

12 outubro 2017 · 14:00

Aula Magna

Material performativity

Oficina de Performance com Pia Euro (Aalto University) e Rita Castro Neves (FBAUP)

13—16 novembro 2017 


Morgan O’Hara / Live Transmission

Keynote do #16.ART Encontro Internacional de Arte e Tecnologia / International Meeting on Art and Technology

11 outubro 2017 · 11:15

Aula Magna
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