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Iacho / Olá

Konstantinos Trichas is a designer based in London. His work is both playful and conceptual, focused on the creative process and engagement with the audience. His practice expands from design for print to the creation of objects and installation of three dimensional experiences.
Konstantinos graduated from MA Visual Communication at the Royal College of Art and has worked in several design, branding and advertising agencies. His work has won prizes at the European Design Awards and the Greek Design and Illustration Awards and has been exhibited in London, Berlin, Athens and Barcelona. Konstantinos has led and organised workshops in Germany, Greece, South Korea and England. He is the co-organiser of Ten Images for Ithaca and in 2012 he initiated Two Pages, a collection of nomadic sketchbooks which, so far, have traveled in more than 20 countries.


ORG: Departamento de Design

24 maio 2017

Aula Magna



do it – conversas breves / short talks

Conversas com os intérpretes sobre os processos de concretização das peças em exposição.

3 + 17 + 24 + 31 maio 2017

Pavilhão de Exposições

RE:RE: arranjar

Oficina de Performance

11/15/18 maio 2017

Faculdade de Belas Artes da Universidade do Porto

Tania Bruguera

Aula Aberta com a artista cubana

18 abril 2017

Aula Magna

Héctor Zamora


13 março 2017

Pav. Carlos Ramos

John Fiege

John Fiege makes films that engage pressing issues of environmental and social justice through the voices of those on the frontlines of injustice.

26 abril 2017

Aula Magna

World Graphics Day | Warming Up for EDA’17

“How to Promote your Work in the Design Arena” with Roland Stieger from TGG (Switzerland) and Jeroen van Erp from Fabrique (Netherlands).

27 abril 2017

Aula Magna

Aram Bartholl

Aula Aberta com o artista alemão

17 março 2017

Aula Magna

Modes of Criticism 2

Debate entre Mário Moura e Francisco Laranjo e lançamento de publicação

14 fevereiro 2017

Aula Magna