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#25 Encontro Aberto com Dennis Atkinson

While the common sense definition of disobedience refers to resisting or protesting authority, it may also be used as a framework for productive collaboration, engagement, and experimentation in the face of increasingly concretized and standardized boundaries. How might we look at our own ventures into taking risks, raising questions, and dismantling the familiar, through teaching, research, and creative work, as disobedient practices?

Quinta e sexta, 27 e 28 outubro 2016 Encontro Aberto #25, PS12


A Aura da Imagem

Sessão organizada a propósito da apresentação do 1º número da publicação SOPHIA “Crossing Borders,Shifting Boundaries, The Aura of The Image” 

30 novembro 2017 · 17:30
Auditório Pavilhão Sul